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Movable Glass Partition Walls

Our movable glass walls will implement the space division in a flexible and stylish manner, just as individually as you desire. Movable glass wall preserves the spacious character of the room and gives an increased choice of space applications.

Glass partition walls are a serier of individual toughened glass panels, which are suspended from and slide along a robust aluminium ceiling track. The system does not require the use of a floor guide, which allows easy operation and an uninterrupted thresold.


Glass operable walls combine the attraction of total transparency with the easy movement and remote storage of omni-directional track and trolley system. No floor track system required. Available with 10mm or 12mm tempered glass to panel heights of 3700mm.


Shopfronts, restaurants, airport, shopping areas, hotel lobbies, showrooms and offices


Panels can be standard, with the option of single or double door panels and pairs of individual leaves. Panels can also be lockable and there are various glass options such as laminated, etched, coloured, printed and sandblasted finishes. There is a wide range of panel stacking arrangements to suit specific needs and site conditions.

Carrier Wheels

Plastic-coated carrier wheels equipped with ball bearings enable movable glazed partitions to be operated easily and silently.


Glazing is attached with pass-through screws preventing the glass from slipping down. Glazing is made of 10 or 112mm tempered glass. Other types of glass are also available

Standard glass range for our movable glass partition walls:

Tempered glasses - Clear, Bronze and Grey
Tempered and laminated glasses: Wide range of laminated-colours (ask us)

Track Supports

If building deflections makes operating a movable partition difficult, the height of the track can be adjusted with supports in order to free the partition. There are no special solutions needed between the track and the roof.

Stadard parts

Standard ceiling support and track encasement profiles can also be suspended from the track without special solutions.

Standard colours for profiles are:

- silver anodized
- anodized for EK-tones
- RAL-colour tones

Care and maintenance

The aluminium carrier tracks do not rust and need no lubrication. Wheel ball bearings are self-lubricating.

More information about Glass Partition Walls from Glass Solutions.

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