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Folding walls


Folding walls or sometimes called as folding partitions?are basically movable hinged panels that have absolutely amazing sound insulation ability. It is now easy to create new rooms and spaces with different functions and for different purposes. The parking area? of the wall panels is at the end of the wall tracks. The walls cannot be parked off the track.



Full Glass Folding Door ?Colonial Folding Door ?Louver Folding Door ?Jamaica Folding Door ?


Track system:

ffolding partition wallYou can order folding walls with upper track system or bottom track system. In case of upper track system the possible weight of the panels depends on the upper track fixings.

The tracks are held by adjustable brackets and there is always a possibility to add bracket length with metal tubes and diagonal fixings. No floor tracks are needed with the upper track system.

The bottom track system uses floor tracks and an upper guiding track. This system is recommended for usage in such spaces where it is not possible to hang heavy panels.

folding wallfolding wallfolding wall

Construction of panels:

The thickness of the folding wall panel is 80 mm. A wide range of materials is used for acoustic isolation. All the panels are framed with anodiazed aluminium, which gives the panels a touch of elegance and strength.

Surface decorating materials:

Hundreds of different materials can be used on folding wall surfaces - paint, veneers, fabric, metal sheets, laminate etc. There are also thousands of possibilities to mix different materials to get the most unique and elegant look for your walls.

Fire ratings for?folding walls

Fire safety is an area of growing concern in the construction industry. In certain applications, an operable partition must not only control sound, but maintain a fire rating as well. To answer this challenge,?our supplies are?the only manufacturer of acoustically rated, UL listed fire safety products; in both accordion and flat panel operable partition configurations. We can also deliver fire-rated movable, operable and folding partitions.

Whenever you need fire rated operable partitions, whether in a school, a hotel, or a convention center --- or any other public facility --- be sure to contact Movable Wall Team. Let us help you provide the fire safety your project needs.

Care and maintenance

The aluminium carrier tracks do not rust and need no lubrication. Wheel ball bearings are self-lubricating.

Special solutions:

Panels are available with window elements and pass doors that make the usage of the wall more flexible and easier. Standard panels are framed with anodiazed aluminium but it is also possible to paint them according to the RAL-color catalogue. There are a wide variety of details to be used to make the panels look more powerful or elegant – all you have to do is make your selection.


Installation of the movable walls is quick, easy and economic. A track system needs to be fixed with the included special adjustable brackets. If there is a space wider than a 150 mm between the track and the ceiling, it is necessary to install additional metal tubes to hang the whole system.

Please read the manual about installing movable walls to get the best results in the shortest time!

Planning service

Our planning service is willing to help you to choose the right wall type from the wide range of our models to meet your needs. Operable and folding walls are planned and measured for every project according to its requirements. Planning service is there to assist you with your questions concerning for exmple measurements, difficulties with dividing rooms etc. Please email our Planning service and they are more than happy to help you.

Paired panel partitions

When remote storage is not required, our center-hung panels hinged in pairs are the ideal solution because they set up or stack quickly. Optional hinging is available to accommodate moldings or other decoration. Acoustic ratings are the same as for individual panels.

Learn more about sound insulation: Sound Insulation


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