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Demountable Office Partitions

TheDemountable Office Partitions offers many different types of panels to meet specific needs. All panels are capable of being joined together to form continuous walls or enclosures. Panels are capable of being connected in pairs,threes or fours, all having a common intersection point. Panels of different heights are capable of boing joined together in various configurations. Concealed panel connectors provide not only a rigid connection between panels but also a light and sound barrier the full length of the panel.

Individual panels have a steel interior frame, fabricated from roll-formed steel sections securely welded at the corners. A minimum of two steel tubes 2" in diameter, run vertically the full height of the panel. The bottom ends of the tube have threaded inserts to permit attachment of adjustable levellers, feet or stand-off supports. All panels have two levellers to provide a minimum vertical adjustment of 2 1/4". The panel thickness is nominally 2 3/4" (7 cm) thick and the width and height is in accordance with the listed standard sizes. Special heights may be considered upon request.

The interior of the panel consists of a hardboard septum which is securely fixed into position by means of metal clips welded to the steel frame. Layers of fiberglass are glued to each side of the hardboard septum to form an internal construction which provides the following acoustical properties. NOISE REDUCTION CO-EFFICIENT (N.R.C.)-0.85 SOUND TRANSMISSION CLASS (S.T.C.)-22

Each side of the panel is covered with fabric. Non-toxic contact glue is applied to the panel frame edges. The fabric is applied in an upholstery manner providing a tight, true design, free from lumps, wrinkles or sagging. Fabrics are available in two standard grades of fabric; Group 1 and Group 2. Customers Own Material(C.O.M.) may be used when samples are approved. Group 1 prices apply to C.O.M. material.

Panel end trims form a part of the panel construction and are extruded aluminum epoxy coated. The end trim design incorporates circular slots for concealed connecting strips that attach panels together over the length of the panel. The top and bottom of the panel end trim is also designed to accept a zinc, diecast I-CONNECTOR that securely holds panels together and prevents panel twist at the connection. The end trim is designed to accept components in two different ways.

1) A continuous interior slot that permits the attachment of components in a simple and positive manner. Height adjustment of components is infinite over the entire length of the panel.

2) One(1) inch incremental slots that permit attachment of components in an equally positive manner. Height adjustment of components is at 1" over the entire length of the panel. All panels are supplied with the proper hardware to connect panels together.

NON-ELECTRICAL defined as: N1, N3, and N6 come supplied with 1 barbell and 2 die cast I-connectors. In the normal fashion the l-connector connects panels or panel and corner connectors on the top of the panel,however, an l-connector is also used to make the required connection on the bottom of the panel. Non-electrical panels come with a 4" high extruded base molding at the bottom of the panel. Connecting hardware packed separately.

ELECTRICAL panels defined as: E1, E3 and E6 come supplied with 1 barbell, 2 die cast I-connectors and one straight base connector. The l-connector connects the panel at the top and bottom. Connecting hardware packed in raceway. Take care not to lose when handling.



Panel thickness is 2 3/4". Panels are available in two standard grades of fabric - Group 1 and Group 2.

Customers Own Material (C.O.M.) may be used when sample approved (See Terms and Conditions).

Panel trims available are Vinyl Top Trim in Putty, Grey, Dark Brown or Charooal, or Wood Top Trim in Blonde Oak, Mellow Oak, Natural walnut Wood-Stained mahogany.

Glazed panels are supplied in architectural bronze plexiplass, however, clear plexiglass, or tempered glass is available upon request. Consult factory for pricing. Non-electrified panels come with a base molding (Putty, Brown, Grey and Charcoal). Optional chrome finish at an upcharge per price list.

Available with standard 1", 3" or 6" floor clearance. (Distance from bottom of panel to floor)

Electrified panels come with a 4" x 2 3/4" raceway with a painted finish of Putty, Grey, Charcoal or Dark Brown; an optional chrome finish at an upcharge per price list.

Available with standard 1", 3" or 6" floor clearance. (Distance from bottom of panel to floor) 24", 30" width base comes with one knock-out on each side of the panel. 36", 42" and 48" width base comes with two base knock-outs on each side of the panel, however, the panel accepts only one Power Harness per panel.

60" and 72" width base comes with two base knock-outs on each side of the panel and the panel accepts two Power Harnesses per panel.

Panel widths are measured from the outside of the end trims. Panel height is measured from the floor to the top of the panel.

Panels over 48" wide have additional center strut and leveling guide.

Connector hardware (1 Barbell, 2 I-Connectors).
2 base spacers (electrical panels only).
2 nylon with steel cap glides, 2 1/4" height adjustment.
2 knock-outs on each side of the kick plate to accept electrification and communicator, panels only).


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