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Welcome to the world of movable walls!

Movable walls or moveable walls have become todays most mobile and flexible wall system as their secret is making it possible to divide one room into several different ones with incredible sound insulation.
The two keywords of todays modern world are time and flexibility. Using moveable walls you can separate one room into various small rooms and give them brand new functions in the nick of time. Operable partitions from specialists.


Full Glass Folding Door Colonial Folding Door Louver Folding Door Jamaica Folding Door

A big spacious room will lose its touch and cosiness when too many people gather together the secret of maintaining a comfortable environment is spicing the room up with stylish movable walls creating various little corners or dividing it into different rooms with different functions where people can enjoy conversations and feel a bit more private.

operable walloperable walls

With movable walls aka soundproof walls you can divide a large room into many smaller ones and turn it back into a big room again whenever you need to. Have a party in one room and put your children to sleep in the other - the walls are perfectly soundproof! Change the appearance of your rooms every day - your imagination is the limit!

Our vision is to become a leader in the architectural movable wall market by establishing new standards in functionality and performance far beyond current movable wall system capabilities. You will find inspiration, ingenuity and innovation in everything we do.There is no limit to our product design and engineering capability or our capacity to service our customers. Our competitiveness stems from our desire to build the very best architectural movable wall products in the world. And build them proudly, right here in the USA. That is our passion! engineering group researches continuously to bring you advanced, more functional products--with a major effort taking place right in our own Acoustical Laboratory. lab is nationally accredited under the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program(NVLAP) of the National Bureau of standards. It is one of the few test labs in the United States, and the only one owned by a movable partition manufacturer, accredited by NVLAP to conduct tests for the Airbone Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions under ASTM standard E90-82. To achieve and maintain this accreditation, we have to meet and maintain strict requirements for building construction and testing procedures. Here our engineers develop and test new ways to provide the sound control you need in a partition. standard partitions offer STC's (an industry measure of sound isolation) up to 53 dB, equivalent to double 5/8" drywall plus 3-1/2" fiberglass construction. Higher STC Rating is possible upon request.

As shown in this cross-section of a partition, provides structural acoustical substrate inside and pressure-type retractable floor seal outside for superior acoustical performance.

Movable walls are great soundproof room dividers.

Request more information.

We recommend that you buy this book and read it carefully before buying soundproof movable wall or any soundproof room divider:

Sound Insulation
We offer two types of sound proof movable walls:
folding walls and operable walls. See our gallery section for examples.

Also we have light series, like accordion doors and glass partition walls; for sporting facilities like gyms we offer specially designed divider curtains.

For domestic use we offer high quality
closet doors, shower enclosures and room dividers.

Our business philosophy is straightforward - to foster an attitude of teamwork and performance while continuing to produce and market wall systems consistent with our uncompromising commitment to quality.

Also we reccomend to discover our office wall partitions.

The heart of the matter is creating satisfied customers by providing consistent quality and on-time delivery. Building top-quality wall systems is not rocket science or robotic wizardry. It's dedicated men and women doing ordinary things... extraordinarily well.

Merging talented people with available technology has resulted in production capability that is without a doubt our greatest sales and marketing resource.

Soundproof Walls have the multifunctional power. Don?t miss it.

"Author: Martin Koot"

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